More than a Snack

22 05 2007

I recently changed jobs from the food wasteland of Midtown to the food oasis of Soho (or at least, relatively). With the weather so nice and a culinary feast (or so it feels after months of Subway) no matter which block I meander down. Before I actually started working, K and I happened upon Snack, which I’ve walked by a few times, but have never ventured inside. It’s a small nibble of a place with a row of 4-5 two people tables squished against what’s more like a hallway than an actual restaurant. But hey, that makes it cozy, right?

K hadn’t had lunch yet, so she went with the Vegetarian Souvlaki, which featured a cornucopia of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, feta cheese, butter beans doused in tzatziki and wrapped in a cushy pita. I didn’t taste it, but K enjoyed it immensely, groaning under the weight of all those beans and fresh veggies. I would imagine from its size that one of those babies would really fill you up. Since I had made a trip to brgr for lunch earlier that day, I decided to just get a snack, really (ha. ha. a pun!). So I went with their baklava, which was served pie style, rather then the rectangle format I’m used to. The layers of fillo at the top were really thick, but it was great – nutty(obviously), with cinnamon dusted on the sides, and honey drizzled all over the place. I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve ever had. I prefer the fillo a little thinner and crispier. I had one of their frappes, which according to them is a Greek style iced coffee and that was worth going back for. It was strong, but not rip-your-stomach-lining-into-shreds strong.

I did go back once I started working and had the Roasted 2.0 with a cup of their mint lemonade. The Roasted sandwich is served on stirato bread, which is this sort of flat, crunchy bread that’s difficult to bite into. The eggplant that’s inside is roasted quite nicely, still a bit firm with good flavor. Although I almost feel like it would be better with a boiled egg inside. Their lemonade, though, is supremely refreshing. It seems that they get their drinks right every time. On my next trip, I think I’ll try a different sandwich, and maybe not on stirato bread – it’s messy and I end up looking like a geriatric whose teeth aren’t sharp enough to rip through some bread.

105 Thompson Street (between Prince & Spring St)




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24 05 2007

omg… that baklava looks absolutely heavenly!!! yum!!!

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